The Best Uggs Brooks Short

When it comes to the uggs brooks short, you are getting something that looks appealing to the eye and just has their charisma to it that cannot go undetected. These are some of the best boots on the market and it has to do with how well they go with almost any outfit that you put on. When the weather is mucky outside, you will want something that is easy on the eyes, but also does a fantastic job of keeping that muck out. You don’t want it seeping in through the seams and getting your feet wet. Not only is this a bad feeling to have, it can also make you ill, which is never a good thing to have.


As mentioned, the uggs brooks short are very protective and that is important. You don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you are wearing boots that don’t do the bare minimum that is required. There are many boots that might look heavy duty, but they just don’t keep the liquid out. You will want to go with something that is great for the feet and protecting it like the uggs brooks short.

Go With Any Outfit

This is something that many wearers have noted about the uggs brooks short. They are fantastic when it comes to putting them on with a particular outfit regardless of the season. You don’t just need them for the rain, but even during a sunny day, they are easy to pull off and enjoy. They can complete an outfit like no other boot can and that is impressive in this day and age. The design is immaculate with these boots and that is something most people want in this day and age and anything less is poor.

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How a Vera Bradley Phone Wallet Can Keep Your Phone Safe and Stylish

Many protective cell phone cases have a less than attractive appearance. They’re bulky, clunky, or altogether unappealing, and they hide a phone’s sleek design. Instead of using one of these cases to keep their phone safe, many women are option to use a Vera Bradley phone wallet.

These simple cases offer all of the style you’d expect from a Vera Bradley product. There are bright colors, beautiful patterns, and plenty of designs to choose from. Anyone who likes Vera Bradley will easily be able to choose a design that they love.

However, this cases also offer a significant amount of drop protection. Because most Vera Bradley products are quilted, any phone placed in a wallet will have plenty of protection against drops and spills. You’ll know that your phone is safe without putting it inside of a clunky case.

These cases can also keep your phone safe from liquid damage. If water or another beverage spills near your phone, your Vera Bradley phone wallet will soak up the moisture, keeping your phone safe. You can clean the wallet and restore it to normal, then put your phone back inside of it.

These wallets also make it easy to keep track of your phone. Because the designs are so distinct, you’ll never have to scramble around, looking all over the place in the hopes of finding your phone. You’ll be able to locate it right away. It’ll save you time and a lot of headaches.

Why buy a phone case that hides your phone’s appealing design? Get a Vera Bradley phone wallet instead. It’s more than possible to protect your phone without hiding your personality. You can show off your phone in style, and you can keep it safe too.

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New Year New Socks

A heavy truck carrying noodles turned in Argentina Avenue, near Centennial Oval in Callao, no casualties were recorded regret. The driver of the heavy vehicle, identified as Enrique Gonzales Cordero told RPP News that the accident then produced a combi will close the passage. “By not crash, I open it and go back inside to grab my lane, but I won (weight) of the container, “said the driver, who fortunately was only a blow to the arm. Neighbors reported that in the constant accidents happen because the vans used as an informal Centennial Oval whereabouts.

A truck C4Q-797 plate carrying a heavy load of goods turned in Centennial oval located in Argentina Avenue in Callao. The driver was slightly injured. According told the driver, Enrique Gonzales, was a combination of public transport which blocked his no show socks men, causing perform a risky maneuver that ended the cumbersome rollover. He was treated by a unit of firefighters, while the national police was taking steps to direct traffic and heavy towing vehicle.

French President Francois Hollande considered the attack against the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo which caused 12 dead and 11 wounded in an attack on Paris’ throughout the Republic of France for freedom of expression and democratic”. In a message to the country, the French president decreed decreed “national day of mourning” on Thursday with flags at half mast for three days and called for “unity” to the nation; “We were all struck by this cowardly attack.”

“All the Republic of France was he attacked his freedom of expression and democratic,” he said in a special televised address. Hollande announced the activation of anti-terrorism plan across the country, the call to Parliament for an emergency session and stated that pursue “the perpetrators of this crime.” “Our best weapon is our unity. Nothing can divide us, swim must separate” said while large French cities demonstrations were held in protest against the attack.

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Another One

Macher their own fans seem somewhat underestimated: After a casting call for 600 extras over 86,000 applications were received by the competent production company in Spain. According to “Entertainment Weekly”the server of the local company had to be extended because of the of strong demand.

The 600 lucky ones who made it into the popular fantasy series, were in Osuna, try southern Spain as inhabitants of the fictional country mandrels. It was filmed a great battle scene. The extras hatched for her role in loose, brown-colored clothing – the men shirtless – or long robes. Among them were many fans who had traveled especially for the extras role, only to eventually catch a glimpse of the stars of the series.

Actually Spain has recorded while shooting a rise in tourism, reports the photo agency Getty. In Osuna, the hotels are fully booked until the end of the month ralph lauren shoes, the tourist information center has specially extended its opening times. Normally, “Game of Thrones” shot mostly in Croatia and Northern Ireland, the fifth season has now to get Spanish locations. The team around stars like Lena Headey Peter Dinklage or filmed next Osuna in Seville, where the Alcázar Palace had to be closed for production.


The fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” is based on a novel by George RR Martin and is known for its bloody stories of power and love. Until the fifth season of the American HBO series can also be seen in Germany, it will probably take some time. In the spring had RTL2 least the third season aired on free TV.

Anyone who sees this documentation, doubt every second, whether Henryk Wichmann, this young nerd, law student and aspirant Bundestag, really exists Ralph Lauren Sale. Whether he is a real man. Or a gorgeous figure played. At any residue seems Wichmann to be working in the cliché of a young conservative politician. Mercedes C-Class, undershirt for polo shirt and piefige sayings about Green, women and foreigners. “Oh, now kommense angelatscht again. And so loud,” he pimped, as the rotation of his campaign spots two women on the set pass. “Slurp, slurp. Lift feet!” The chasing a flurry of foreign Schämens spine.

But yes: It really exists. Wichmann in the 2002 federal elections, as it the multi-award winning director Andreas Dresen won nothing accompanied (“Cloud 9″) by the East German province.Meanwhile, however, he sits as a deputy in the Brandenburg state parliament, passes the Legal Affairs Committee and is a member of the Committee on Internal Affairs. His wife, while shooting for the first time pregnant, has meanwhile brought four daughters.And Wichmann has achieved what he has always dreamed of: He has his constituency obtained directly , defeated Left and SPD.From the unintentionally comical loser who he was at the time of the shooting, a solid politician has become, which is appreciated for its practicality. Dresen has dedicated the older Wichmann a second documentary later. Title: “Mr. Wichmann from the third row” .


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XBOX and COD team up

Eletrobras announced today (30) that the holding company will repeat in 2015 the record budget for 2014 involving disbursement of R $ 14.1 billion. The expectation of the xbox one games is to achieve, in the next year exceeds the volume of budgeted resources as it will reach the end of this year with a realized value of R $ 12 billion, of which R $ 10.2 billion of the total budgeted were invested until November – 73% of predicted and the largest in the history of Eletrobras. The information was passed by note. For the holding company can carry out the budget, the company undergoes a restructuring of business processes, upgrading of costs in relation to revenue and optimizes efforts between companies of the group, “issues that had already been treated in recent years and that will be enhanced in 2015, “says Eletrobras in the press release.

Therefore, the company will implement the Strategic Plan of the Eletrobras System 2015-2030, approved by the Board of Directors in late November. The goal is to be among the three largest global clean energy companies and among the ten largest in the world in power, with profitability comparable to the sector’s best and being recognized by all its stakeholders.

The disclosures show that, of R $ 10.2 billion spent by November, US $ 5.2 billion were in corporate investments, in which it has full ownership, and $ 5 billion through Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) divided between generation (R $ 5.7 billion), transmission (R $ 3.7 billion), distribution (£ 600 million) and others (R $ 200 million). The company works with a growth forecast of the advanced warfare capacity of Eletrobras until December 31 this year of approximately 1,609 megawatts (MW), representing 26% of total growth for the whole country, which is 6.2 gigawatts (GW). By November, the installed capacity of 1,546 MW Eletrobras increased.

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Preparing For The Inevitable Knee High Grass

While President-elect Tabaré Vázquez announced on November 7 its commitment to regulate and enforce the law, which he defined as “urgent”, former President Julio María Sanguinetti called it “unconstitutional” and said it was “a loaded revolver meet at the nape of independent journalism. ”

Under Article 4 of the law, are subject to its provisions “holders of audiovisual media services established in Uruguay; holders radio or television that are established in Uruguay or whose signals or services are distributed by the services included in subparagraph A) of this Article and holders of audiovisual media services not established in Uruguay market their services partially or totally in the country.”


After 55 days as a mere spectator, many without even getting into the call,Victor Claveragain felt basketball player and active part of thePortland Trail Blazers.The Spanish, who in his first two seasons in the NBA had accumulated 3.3 points and 2.3 rebounds in 70 games, had to wait a total of 28 games to make his debut this season, which occurred off the Houston Rockets, which embittered the conclusion of ÑBA to the win by 110-95.

Claver entered the track of the Toyota Center in Houston in the final minutes and played a total of four minutes in which he scored the only high knee boot that tried (an alley oop), in addition to capturing two defensive rebounds.Contribution did not help that his Blazers another victory shall be entered in the season (22-7).

And all because of a James Harden in grace.’The Beard’ continues to demonstrate its high level and he alone was enough to end the resistance of Oregon.The guard finished with 44 points and took its particular revenge after the Blazers eliminated the Texas team in the playoffs last season and incidentally helped cut the run of two straight losses accumulated Rockets.

Alongside Harden highlighted the good game of Dwight Howard, who contributed a double-double of 16 points and 13 rebounds, being the master of leather boots women in the absence of the Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge.The new signing Corey Brewer, Patrick Beverly and Donatas Motejiunas were the other three players from Houston ended the match with double digits in scoring.

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Creating Winter In San Diego

“We hope that at 11 entrepreneurs come with a concrete response to claim this bonus, but not a definitive solution, at least it will appease all that has brought us the government through income tax and inflation, “said this morning the leader.

The son of the head of the CGT and the Argentina Federation of Workers Truckers, Hugo Moyano, recalled that the business chamber of the sector offered the union an lg ac plus 2500 pesos, but noted that the figure “does not come close to what we ask “5000 pesos.

Speaking to Vorterix radio, the union summed the situation up to now: “Yesterday we declared a general strike starting at 0 today, but employers have asked us a gesture of goodwill, today at 11 come from the FADEAAC (transport bosses camera), but if they do not make a proposal close to what we asked, surely today at 12 pm will begin a 24-hour strike truckers “.


Pablo Moyano pointed out that a similar bonus “is asking most guilds to balance, at least 40 percent of inflation expected by year end.” In his view, the exception from paying income tax on the average Christmas gift this year end “was a gift” granted by the Casa Rosada not compensated “what you lost and will lose pay” for workers inflation and wage that tribut

The Ministry of Labour called this afternoon to compulsory conciliation to the union of truckers and entrepreneurs, after the threat of deputy secretary of the union, Pablo Moyano, initiating a strike at midnight if the workers did not agree to a bonus of 5000 pesos.

The TOF April ruled that the excoronel Gustavo Cacivio, the former military Jorge Raul Antonio Federico Crespi and Minicucci, and Néstor Norberto expenitenciario Cendón were co-authors of the crime of “illegal deprivation of liberty”, “torture” and “murder” against 203 lg products among them the cartoonist Hector Oesterheld, Haroldo Conti writer and filmmaker Raymundo Gleyzer- in the clandestine detention center that operated in the Buenos Aires district of La Matanza, during the civil-military dictatorship.

The Court rejected the proposals of prescription because since these crimes against humanity and also denied that they were “res judicata”, convictions coincided with the orders of the prosecution and petition, which had requested prison perpetual.

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Moisture is the essence of wetness

The Brazilian Guilherme Guido was very close to a place in the decision of the 50m backstroke. He finished his race in 23s42, closing in ninth place, just one hundredth slower than the Russian Stanislav Donetc, who got the last spot in the decision.

The swimmer has not left sad the pool and provides a good fight in the clinique moisturiser medley relay, which will be held on Sunday:

– I did not train much for this test, I focused more on the 100m. I was the one hundredth, but okay. It is now focusing on this relay we want the gold – said.

The Hungarian Katinka Hosszú showed once again why it is called the “Iron Lady”. In the marathon that is your routine at the World (is entered for tens evidence), won the 200m backstroke and 100m medley, both with new world record. To date, she has three gold medals and one silver.

In the 200m backstroke, she managed to 1m59s23 brand, leaving behind the Australian Emily Seebohm, who swam in 2m00s13. Forty-five minutes later, she returned to the pool in the 100m medley and hit new world record, 56s70, leaving the British Siobhan Marie O’Connor with silver (57s83).

Hungary, moreover, was without a doubt this third day of finals. Daniel Gyurta was the champion of 200m breaststroke with a time of 2m01s49 and Peter Bernek took the title in the 400m freestyle with 3m34s22, breaking the championship record.

After a day stupendous, that won three golds, Felipe France finished in eighth position proof of the 200m breaststroke, which is not their specialty. The goal of dramatically different moisturizing lotion was to reach the final, and this was done in the morning. In the afternoon, he could not impose his rhythm and was in seventh place, with the mark of 2m06s74, more than two seconds off the time of qualifying.

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Buy Samba Adidas

Buy your Samba Adidas running shoes at a store that has a proper supply of different sizes for you to try on. The reason why this is so important is because many of the smaller retail sporting outlets carry only a limited supply of Samba Adidas running shoes.

If you choose a retail sporting outlet that does not have a good supply and selection of Samba Adidas running shoes you will be disappointed. When it comes to top-quality running shoes you cannot purchase a better product than Adidas. Adidas has been making running shoes for a very long time and know exactly what it takes to make a shoe that will help you to excel in whatever support you decide to choose.

These running shoes will also be of great benefit to children because children require proper footwear. Many parents mis-takingly purchase run-of-the-mill type running shoes for their children and do not realize the damage that it can cause to growing feet.


I will always remember my friend Freddy who was a tremendous athlete at the age of 11 years old. He excelled at every sport but was especially prolific in the sport of baseball. Baseball players do not need a lot of expensive equipment but they do need a proper glove and running shoes.

Unfortunately, Freddy’s parents decided that Freddy could skimp on the price of his running shoes. They put the extra money that they had into buying him a top-quality baseball glove. That was a critical mistake as Freddy develop a foot problem that was never able to be corrected.

I always think of Freddy when I go down to the local sporting goods store to buy my Adidas running shoes. If only his parents would have spent the extra money on his running shoes rather than his baseball.

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Oil Growth Slowing

The demand for oil will grow the slowest pace since 2009 due to the cooling of the world economy, said the International Energy Agency (IEA). Oil consumption is expected to grow by about 650,000 barrels per day this year, the agency said in its monthly report released today.

The reduction of 250 000 barrels from the previous forecast and is the fourth consecutive mean that growth will grow only half of what we anticipated in June. In this scenario, oil prices in the market today come back to sink. The generic contract ‘brent’ yielded more than 1% up to $ 87.8, while the crude oil traded in New York fell back to $ 84.74.

“The lower demand than expected is causing the sell off in the markets,” said the IEA, which provides counseling services to 29 countries on energy policies.

At OPEC, which accounts for 40% of oil supplies worldwide, the agency warns that should cut the production level of 200 thousand barrels per day this year and next. And this at a time of disagreements within the cartel after Saudi Arabia, the largest member, has announced discounts on its oil prices to defend its market share in Asia. The prospects for reducing consumption accompanies the lowest optimism the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the world economy for the next year that is expected to grow 3.8% instead of 4% previously anticipated.

Millions of access credentials to the storage service and sharing files online Dropbox were stolen and are being published.  Identities have been stolen in order to buy Saucony shoes for winter. At least 400 sets of usernames and passwords were posted on pastebin site, and the authors of the attack say they are in possession data from seven million accounts disclose that promise in the coming hours and days.


The source of data leakage is not a direct attack to Dropbox, the company said, but the other sites and applications that use the log-in that service. How you can protect yourself from this problem? Change the password and activation of two steps, which includes sending a code by phone whenever you access the site or enable the Dropbox on another computer or mobile device (go to Settings and Security, in your account).  That way you won’t be buying a stranger  mens running shoes.

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Your Name Here

320 original documents and 300 photographs documenting the suggestions of our country and the reports that Le Corbusier established with artists and architects Italian contemporaries, returning the completeness of a figure in the round. The exhibition is organized following a chronological and thematic thread from 1907 to 1965;  the first training trips  (1907-1922) are documented with photographs taken by the study of the ruins of Pompeii and Rome in 1911, watercolors and architectural drawings of Pompeii and Villa Adriana, the buildings of the Field of Miracles in Pisa, the Charterhouse, the work shoes for men, studies on the courtyard of the Belvedere in the Vatican, the views in watercolor of Venice;

‘ Esprit Nouveau(1920-1922) is explored through the analysis of the relationship of the Master with the Italian magazines (especially “Plastic Values”), and the quarrel with the painter Gino Severini on the Scale, and the paintings of the years of purism compared with the paintings of Carlo Carra, Giorgio Morandi and Severini; thethirties is the period of relations with the work shoes and young Italian rationalist architects in Turin, Milan, Rome and Venice and cultural exchanges and professional Le Corbusier with Piero Bottoni, Luigi Figini, Alberto Sartoris, Gino Pollini and Giuseppe Terragni to which they are exposed letters and photographs, and Guido Fiorini, which are presented drawings of the skyscraper that Le Corbusier include in its plan for Algiers; the post-war  date back  two sculptures in Murano glass and numerous  trips to Italian cities: in Bergamo, at the CIAM VII (1949), in Milan, for the Conference De Divina Proportione Triennale (1951), in Venice, at the International Conference Artists and summer school of CIAM (1952), Turin (1961), in Florence, where in 1963 he set up the first major exhibition dedicated to the work Le Corbusier Italian. The exhibition concludes with two large sections devoted his professional between 1962 and 1965: the calculation Olivetti center in Rho and the new Hospital of Venice, both unrealized partly because of the architect’s death in August 1965.

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Alseep on the Couch

In view of increased Russian activity in European airspace has NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed the vigilance of the Alliance. “NATO is strong, she remains vigilant,” Stoltenberg said on Thursday during a visit to Athens. “This strength is our answer.” On Wednesday, the alliance had reported “extensive” Russian air maneuvers with long-range bombers, fighter jets and tanker aircraft. On Tuesday and Wednesday, four organizations were caught with a total of 26 Russian fighter aircraft. To the German Euro Fighter Abfangmanövern also were involved.

Stoltenberg also criticized sharply the Russian policy in Ukraine mini hdmi projector. The actions of Russia were “a provocation for the Euro-Atlantic security,” he said.


The Russian maneuvers had taken place over the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Black Sea. Among the long-range bombers and machine type TU-95 were, which can be equipped if necessary with nuclear weapons, it was said at the NATO. It had been discovered in this year three times as many Russian aircraft in European airspace as the year before. The aircraft brookstone mini projector were accompanied by NATO fighter jets of various countries throughout the duration of their flights.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted calmly. “I see in the last few months anyway a very strong exercise situation of the Russian army,” she said in Berlin. It is “not acutely concerned that take place here more air violations.” The federal government has always insisted that she again wants to establish a good relationship with Russia, once the government to de-escalate the crisis Ukraine contributes.

According to security experts Henning Riecke of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) flight movements have both the character of a practice and a political component.There go the one hand, Russia is “to test how the NATO air defense is set up,” Riecke said the Tagesspiegel. Russia wants to “demonstrate with this saber rattling outside that it must be taken seriously as a military power.” Inward see President Putin that Russia would not let himself be intimidated by an allegedly aggressive NATO. There is no need to worry: “I do not see any attempt by Russia to the crisis to escalate militarily with the West because of the conflict in Ukraine,” said Riecke. A calm response was the correct answer, because they do not verbaue the way towards a possible understanding with Moscow when the Russian government show a different behavior.

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Icky Gooey

Twisted Like Licorice. It begins with the seven undergraduates in electrical engineering. After the discussion of their thesis and the meeting of the relevant committee of graduate follow the guess jeans with the delivery of the parchment by the Rector. Followed by the other candidates in other degree programs, according to peer mode.

The project selected for funding must be made – including the obtaining of licenses or certifications required – within 180 days from the date of receipt of the notice of admission.


It will be held Saturday, October 11, at 10 am at the Hall Library of the Technological Pole ITS -Geometry Agrarian-Industrial Mechanic Professional San Severe (location Perrett), the event “Mangiasano”, organized by Green Environment and company in collaboration with the CIA, college provincial land surveyors, Region Apulia.

Speakers at the conference Giuseppe De Cato, Headmaster of the Technological Pole ITS Agrarian- Surveyor-Industrial Mechanic Professional San Severe, Raffaele Carrabin, Chairman of the regional Puglia CIA (Italian Farmers Confederation), Romulus Mullica, Chairman of the Provincial Board of Land surveyors of Foggia, Marina Crystals, Medical Director of black sandals Hygiene and Nutrition Service Local Health Authority of Foggia-North, Senator Guido Police, National President, Green Environment and Society (VAS), Memo di Goya, National Council Vas in Puglia: regulatory aspects, protection and enhancement

Today, at the headquarters of the Park will be held in Puglia: regulatory aspects, protection and enhancement activities included in the Project Egoist of Puglia.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of this heritage in order to be able to exploit both in the process of planning for the development of the local territory. In particular they have been filed in the protected areas of Puglia 440 geological sites and geological features, many of which fall within the territory of the Gurgaon National Park.

The geological sites allow you to integrate the scenic beauty, cultural, architectural and historical territories and, at the same time, expand the local tourist offer.

These geological assets that constitute the register of geological sites of Apulia Region will be included in the tourist trails of the park and facilitate the process of establishment / recognition of the Park of Gurgaon as Geo Park.

A Leopard is an area whose boundaries are well defined, with a significant geological heritage and special rarity, scientific, aesthetic appeal and educational value. His identity is closely linked to geology, but are also important in the natural, cultural, archaeological, ecological, historical and cultural heritage. In essence, the Leopard is a type of park that comes from ‘idea of ​​transforming nature into an economic resource. Unlike national parks poses no constraints on the territory. In a Leopard protection of the geological heritage is transformed into local development opportunities. It ‘an area that has a particular geological heritage and in which was initiated a strategy of sustainable development. Prerequisite for the realization of a Geoparcoè the support of the local population to ensure the participation of the public authority, and private interests, in an effective multidisciplinary collaboration.

“A Leopard – says the President, Mr. Stefano Pecorella – is an opportunity not to be missed and should involve all the major players in this sector to hit the target. This application is a concrete response by those who love their land.

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These services don’t necessarily have to be in a etnies skate shoes, they can take place in public places like schools, libraries or even in the home (Kaplan, p.401).  This will help patients who are in remote areas or lack transportation “can receive televisits from healthcare specialists”, and then they aren’t burdened by not having transportation and “traveling long distances in poor health to and from outpatient and regional hospitals” (Bauer, p. 139).  The telemedicine phenomenon will provide people the “access to healthcare across time, social and cultural barriers” (Stanberry, p.616).  This approach will greatly benefit the equality of healthcare opportunity of every person no matter their socioeconomic status.

Not only does telemedicine save time with travelling, it also saves money for both the patient and the physician.  Keith Bauer stated in 1997 the “annual expenditures for homecare were $40 billion” (2001, p.138).  Also in 1997, the hospital care annual expenditures were $363.4 billion (United States Census Bureau, 2012).  With the difference of 323.4 billion dollars, it’s economically better to invest in telemedicine.  It is believed that traditional homecare could be a “partial solution to America’s healthcare-related economic problems” by keeping patients out of “expensive hospitals, then costs can be cut while patients remain in the comfort of their own homes” (Bauer, 2001, p.138).



Now, although this would benefit patients by reducing hospital costs, this is not for etnies skate who are in critical health.  Potential candidates would be patients with long term health conditions, like my father with chronic Lyme’s Disease, permanent disability, or terminal illness.  With the push of telemedicine into the medical field, travel time is reduced so many physicians can tend to more people at a significantly lower price (Bauer, 2001, p. 139).  This will benefit all of society because medical costs from the visit to the medications are very expensive.

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The Rabbit

So the rabbit and the mole wore brown riding boots.  Soon after, an owl wanted to join in and all the animals let him in too!  The mitten was getting very full when a badger appeared from his hole and he wanted to be in the mitten.  All the other animals gave him the thumb.  The weather started to turn bad when a fox trotted by.  He was feeling sleepy so he wanted to curl up inside the mitten.  Everyone made room for him.  Just when they thought there could be no more room possible, a great big bear saw all the animals inside the mitten and he too wanted the warmth.  No one argued with the bear!  Finally, along came a little field mouse and she wanted the space on top of the bear’s nose.  She tickled the bear’s nose and with a big giant sneeze scattered all of the animals out of the mitten.  Nicki found his mitten floating in the air and caught it right in time as Baba was checking out of the window.

Characters-  Nicki, Baba, and the animals.

etienne boot

Beginning- Nicki wanted snow white mittens.  His grandmother, Baba, made some for him but she had Nicki promise that he would not lose them.  Nicki went off to play in the woods and he dropped one mitten.  A mole finds the mitten and makes it his home.  Then, a snowshoe rabbit travelled by the mitten and thought it would be perfect to warm up in.  So he wiggled in with the mole.

Middle- After that, a hedgehog passed through and wanted to be in the black riding boots too.  So the rabbit and the mole moved over.  Soon after, an owl wanted to join in and all the animals let him in too!  The mitten was getting very full when a badger appeared from his hole and he wanted to be in the mitten.  All the other animals gave him the thumb.  The weather started to turn bad when a fox trotted by.  He was feeling sleepy so he wanted to curl up inside the mitten.  Everyone made room for him.  Just when they thought there could be no more room possible, a great big bear saw all the animals inside the mitten and he too wanted the warmth.  No one argued with the bear!

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